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Another Year

Another Year

Over. Done. Finished. Aú Revior. 2017 is in the books and what a fantastic year it was for our family and honestly depending on your perspective yours could have and should have been too. 

A Recap: 

February; I ventured to Africa with a group of wonderful people to use the gospel and the Bible to share how healing is possible through Christ. I grew a lot but was also made aware of many areas I still need to grow. The Lord exposed my deep seeded lies that I had held onto even through recovery and revealed continual struggles that I thought had been “cured.” 


My step-sister gave us our first nephew to live on and our boys just adore baby Robby. It’ll definitely be fun to watch them interact as they grow up.  


In March, Sean and I celebrated 5 years of sweet, hard, busy, complicated, fun, exciting marriage. It has been a joy to spend these past 11.5 years with this guy. We have changed a lot and grown together and separately and God has woven us together so we might love others as deeply as we are loved by one another. 


We found out we are expecting our third child and third boy in August and while others were less than thrilled because it’s our third child we are ecstatic. When you have a second baby the excitement dies down a bit, by the time a third comes along you tend to get remarks like; “Are you trying to start a soccer team?” - Yes, that was a real reaction! But nay-sayers, haters and negativity will all be told to keep on walking because I don’t have time for that in my life. 


It’s been a year of God’s provision over us. We have watched our financial status grow to a place that, does not make us rich but, gives us hope.

I’ve felt a lot of heartache and sadness this year over the loss of a dear friends child.

I have struggled to understand the ways of God after seeing the world from a new perspective in Kenya.  

I have been hurt by people’s inconsideration and brutal words this year. 

I have been picked apart and carried guilt for my actions and attitudes.  (It’s hard when someone points out your flaws). 

The lesson that God has taught me through this fabulous year was all about my attitude. I think it’s important to realize that we can still struggle, fail, and hurt and still seek joy. I don’t believe that every situation has a “silver-lining” but that God offers peace in the midst of those heartaches and downfalls. The thing that I’ve learned this year is; when you align your attitude to the promises of Christ joy will abound. It’s not instant. But it’s also not momentary. The world gives us a lot of ways to feel better fast but those options don’t last. 

Joy is all about choices. I choose Christ. I choose to accept His plans and His will. This does not mean my life or my day to day will be easy, uncomplicated or that I won't struggle with depression or anxiety at times. What that does mean is that in the midst of all those things I can still turn it over to Christ. I can still choose to trust Him. 

In 2018, I choose joy.  

Favorite Photos of 2017:

God May Not Heal You at All

God May Not Heal You at All

26 Weeks

26 Weeks