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First Day of Preschool

First Day of Preschool

While I know that many of you are just getting into the groove of summer vacay, I have chosen to get a jump on preschool for my 3 year old. We are not discounting summer and still plan to have many fun days and experience the fullness of this season. However, I also enjoy: having goals, low stress, few full days, and structure. 

Children thrive on structure and discipline

I don't want homeschooling, especially at this young age, to ever look or feel rigid. I want flexibility but also organization. I want simple, fun, enhancing and engaging activities. The Peaceful Preschool from The Peaceful Press has given me just that. 


Be reminded that today is just our first day, but know that it has been relaxed and enjoyable. Anyone who truly knows me knows that feeling overwhelmed and stressed is common. I have also lately struggled with what to do with my rambunctious, bored, wild, carefree son. I was at my wits end and then I found The Peaceful Press as well as Simply Learning! These two momma-run sites with huge emphasis on minimalistic and montessori practices has taken a load off my mind, heart and shoulders. 


Our schedule will still need tweaking and there are days ahead of me that will contain tantrums, disobedience and the unwillingness to cooperate but those days will pass just as quickly as they came. And I foresee many more thoughtful and consistent days. 

What I have truly loved the most about this curriculum for sale by The Peaceful Press is their worksheet on your 'Family Vision.' While we have rules in our home and we covet discipline in a loving and Biblical way; Sean and I have never sat down and discussed values, aspirations, missions, or plain rules for our kids and our family. 


We know that we long to love others intentionally, serving and giving with grateful hearts. We know that our mission is to spread the word of Christ/make disciples (especially of our children). We have always known that kindness, honesty, and hard work would be a part of our home. We did not, however, always know what those things would look like or how to accomplish them while still having fun and stressing less. After establishing our set "guidelines for our children and ourselves," I am now able to make a schedule that allots for us to make time to do things we desire and aspire. 

I cannot sing enough high praises, but homeschooling and totschooling hasn't been easy all the time. I am always open for discussing why I decided to homeschool with the politics, educational factors, and beliefs behind it. I am also for suggestions on how to make our homeschooling life cleaner and more organized. 





Pre-School Ready

Pre-School Ready